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Monks of Mayhem
Where did everyone go?
Mar 23, 09 9:21 AM
Guild Rules
Oct 15, 08 12:24 AM
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Welcome to Monks of Mayhem!!

New members please read the rules listed on this page.

More members are coming in every day. Great job by Lelenla and the other officers of recruiting!

Where did everyone go?

Cleny, Mar 23, 09 9:21 AM.
I miss all the guildies.  I hope you are all well.

If anyone logs in, please drop me a tell.
Main - Cleny - now in another guild
Trader - Clennew
Alt -Clenku
Alt - Clentini

Raldaan is still playing in another guild.
Alt - Rudorf
Alt - Raltare

Guild Rules

Terradorn, Oct 15, 08 12:24 AM.
Okay folks, the guild is growing and new members are starting to be added. I am going to post the rules here and welcome comments and suggestions.

1. Above all else, enjoy the game.

2. The guild is centered around helping each other and promoting a comfortable environment for our members to play and accomplish common goals. As such, we will not tolerate abusive behavior. We're a family and aim to play as such.

3. Officers are expected to set examples and to help new members. If this means setting aside a time of the week to help lower level members with goals, then we will come up with such a schedule.

4. We strive to make loot items in the guild bank freely available to members that need them, but this doesn't mean we want to create a free-for-all situation in which new members raid the bank and leave. If we have to change current access rights, we will do so. Officers are expected to monitor this and let me know if changes are necessary.

5. The same conduct expected in the guild is also expected of members playing with people outside the guild. Complaints of bad play, ninja looting, etc., will be taken seriously and reviewed by an officer to determine membership status.

6. We are not here to powerlevel you. If you need help, then we will strive to find a way to help you, but by no means is any member of Monks obligated to help powerlevel another member, and repeated requests for PLing will be met with prompt guild removal.

7. I fully support the decisions of my officers and their decisions are final. All of the officers in my guild have shown exemplary behavior in the guild and at least a modicum of leadership ability. I am extremely loathe to even consider making a judgment on their decision making abilities.

8. I am available through email at all times. If you have questions or comments that are not addressed here, email me and I will take care of them with all haste.
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